Investor Relations 2.0

"The perfect investor relations strategy," says WebIR co-founder Ryon Harms, "should communicate with each shareholder, both retail and institutional alike, as a valued individual." Given the state of the investor relations industry today, that is an ambitious undertaking requiring extensive research, development and innovation to achieve.

WebIR is committed to blazing that trail.

Though we've already made significant strides, WebIR's immediate goal is to introduce a new level of effectiveness through cutting-edge technology and a personal commitment to help every public company realize the value of a fully engaged shareholder base.

Rather than develop an approach based just on existing investor relations strategies, WebIR was built upon the breakthroughs driving today's flourishing Web 2.0 economy. We believe these technological advances are forcing IR professionals to re-examine the very nature of how they conduct business, opening unprecedented opportunities to understand the motivational triggers that drive investors to buy, sell or hold at any given time.

The result is a more proactive strategy that gives clients an opportunity to minimize stock volatility, maximize liquidity and increase market capitalizations, all while aligning the interests of shareholders with broader corporate objectives.

WebIR was founded to introduce a new generation of investor relations. Welcome to the era of IR 2.0.

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