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"Know Thy Shareholder" is the guiding principal of WebIR. We believe that the relationship between a company, its shareholders and the investment community at large is simply too important to be guided by opinion or chance. Truly relevant IR communications is a two-way exchange that until the social capabilities of Web 2.0 was virtually impossible.

WebIR's investor relations application suite can either be a complement to ongoing IR initiatives or serve as the backbone of a revitalized IR strategy. Public companies and IR firms alike can benefit from our online portal platform, a unique intelligence-gathering system that pools the resources of many public companies to help them deploy IR strategies based on actual shareholder feedback.

Understanding the demographics, preferences and drivers of each shareholder base, WebIR then provides a powerful investor outreach communications program. The program includes media-rich press releases, a dynamic investor portal with social networking functionality, as well as investor conference calls, access to an active database of thousands of retail investors, and much more.

WebIR believes that every interaction with the investment community is an opportunity to further enhance your IR strategy. Our ultimate goals are to help our clients understand their unique investment proposition (UIP) at any given time and then provide the tools they need to make it a valuable and sustainable corporate asset.


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