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As SPAM continues to proliferate, email has earned a much maligned, yet rightly deserved, reputation in the practice of investor relations. But when applied wisely, email remains the least expensive and most effective medium for communicating with existing shareholders and interested investors. The key is to deliver emails containing timely, relevant information to help investors make more informed decisions.

WebIR's email strategy is twofold. The first is an automated email disseminated to a client's internal list of shareholders and investors the moment a press release crosses the wire. This "VIP" list is comprised of shareholder contacts uploaded by clients and those collected and opted-in over time from the Shareholder Portal, press releases and other investor outreach tools provided by WebIR.

The second prong of the strategy involves email distribution to the aggregate WebIR community. WebIR clients have exclusive access to this highly-targeted and expanding retail investor database. WebIR continuously works to keep its communications current with a targeted approach to the frequency of emails, ensuring long-term efficacy.


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