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Shareholder Exchange (SE) is a multifaceted program that builds a communications bridge between public companies and their shareholders. The ultimate goal of SE is to help companies keep a finger on the pulse of what shareholders are thinking, if they plan to act, and to see if any ideas can be mass-sourced to help set more relevant IR strategies.

SE provides a wealth of shareholder analytics. These analytics, which include demographics, contact information and a mood index, help clients identify investor patterns that are both unique within each company and as they compare to the WebIR network baseline. The result is an unprecedented competitive advantage introducing an innovative means to benchmarking the success or failure of IR strategies over the long term.

SE helps clients answer several vital questions:

Who are my shareholders?
Why did they invest in my company?
How did they find out about my company?
How do they feel about the investment today?
How do they prefer we communicate with them?
How do I find and attract likeminded investors?


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